Field recording:

Sounddevices 664 with CL-6 expansion - 16 channel recorder with timecode and 12 inputs, records on CF- and SD-cards
Sounddevices 744T - 4 channel HD-recorder with timecode, records on HDD and CF-cards
7 radio mics by Micron and Sennheiser with Sanken and DPA-microphones
Ambient Clockit - Timecode-reader and -generator
In ear Monitoring - 2 transmitters and 5 receivers by Sennheiser
3 booms with windjammers and furs by Rycote and Sennheiser

Sennheiser MKH60 - hyper cardioid
Neumann KMR81i - hyper cardioid
Neumann KMR82i - shotgun microphone
Kortwich8 - Stereo- or 8-Mic


Nuendo 7 workstation - DAW for audio post production,
AVID Protools 12 - DAW for audio post production,
Izotope RX5 Post Production Suite - audio restauration including declicking, dereverb, declipping, spectral repair etc.
Izotope Ozone 5 Advanced - Mastering suite
Zynaptiq Unveil - Dereverb

YYamaha DM 1000 - 48 Channel Mixer with 16 Track ADAT-Expansion
RME Multiface - 36 Channel soundcard
RME Raydat - 64 Channel Soundcard
Tascam DA-30 MKII - Dat-recorder
C-Labs Time machine - Studio word clock and timecode generator

Data backup and archive solutions on LTO6 or LTO7 media is available upon request.

Japan-project Defeating Ocean's 7